pmBTCswap instantly exchanges between Perfect Money and Bitcoin. You can buy or sell Bitcoin using Perfect Money with us.

Instant exchange

All of our exchanges are done automatically and processed instantly.

Bitcoin confirmations

When exchanging from Bitcoin to Perfect Money we wait for 3 confirmations from the Bitcoin network before sending the Perfect Money funds to your account. This usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes.


For every $10,000 you exchange you get a 0.5% discount on the exchange rate, with a maximum of 2.5%. Only users with an account get this discount.

Referral Program

You get 10% of our earnings for each of your referrals that makes an exchange.
How much this is depends on the current Bitcoin rate, therefore the earnings can fluctuate.
Only 1 account per person is allowed, any abuse of our referral system may result in an account ban.